How Wattpad Works

How Wattpad Works

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Wattpad By Wattpad Updated Sep 27, 2016

Stories connect us all. 

Readers and writers come to Wattpad from all across the globe to escape into a world of storytelling, share their passions with like-minded people, and discover the next big thing. Read this story for a better understanding of how Wattpad works and how to get the most out of it! 

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Sana-san Sana-san Oct 07
Hi! @TheOrangutan Sana-san here! I want to leave in wattpad but how?
                              A 1131 keeps on popping up on my screen. What does that mean?
ZoeSpook ZoeSpook 4 days ago
                              Hi gavin, i'm having trouble with my notifications... every time i get one it doesn't go ontop of my screen like it normaly does. I checked if i put the show notification thing on and i do. So i have no idea how to fix this. Can you help?
Mehh1211 Mehh1211 Sep 03
How do I create a cast list? Is it only for computers or can I also do it in the phone.
Mr-Baby_Boy Mr-Baby_Boy Sep 12
Why can I only follow 1K accounts? I've seen accounts following way more than 1K accounts so why is there a cap at 1K for me?
Hi does anyone know where to submit a form for content reviewing for the story rating?