Echoes Of The Past

Echoes Of The Past

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💛Angel💟💟 By LydiaAgyepong Updated Jun 23, 2019

Rose Jackson a normal 16 year old girl. Has become like a broken glass since her 13th birthday .

She keeps feeling empty like a hole with nothing in it. No friends .No family .Extremely no one to share her feelings with.

She keeps being haunted by the flashbacks of many many years ago. Feels lonely,empty and broken anything they haunt. She wished there was a way she go back and make things right but hey in reality there is no time machine.

Along the line 

Benjamin Hunter appears into her life. The guy with good looks, tall ,muscular and those lovely green emerald eyes. Makes him hot like very hot. One day he notices Rose alone outside the school and cutting her wrist.

That's when he decides to become friends with Rose.He is a Christian . She used to be a Christian but is now a non- believer

Will  Ben be able to make her smile and happiness come back?

Will she be broken forever?

Warning : This book was written when I was fifteen. It may or not be interesting to yoy

Please the story doesn't start from this part , This part comes later.So don't complain if it's not that way.