Jealous~NaLu and Gruvia [1st Place in FT Watty Awards]

Jealous~NaLu and Gruvia [1st Place in FT Watty Awards]

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Juvia By satsuki-sama Completed

Natsu is currently ignoring Lucy and he is always with Lisanna. Lucy is jealous of the two and ask a favor from Gray. As they do THE PLAN Juvia started crying and Gray felt sad and ask Lucy to stop there plan. Will Lucy get Natsu again with their  plan with Gray? And will Juvia ever talk to Gray again?  Let us read now and find out.  Everything written in here was all fanfiction. Fairy Tail belongs to the creator Hiro Mashima. I don't own any of his characters.

This is my first story, please don't be mad about the bad grammar in this story. It's too troublesome to edit. :P

Winner of FT Watty Awards 2015 in Romance Category...^W^ Thank you for those  who voted.

CakeCleaner CakeCleaner Dec 18, 2016
Yeah, good luck on trying not to get murdered in your sleep by her Yandere side
KitKatTicTac104 KitKatTicTac104 Sep 18, 2016
                              Wow if you scrolled all the way down here, wow. Just wow.
Adorable-Melody Adorable-Melody Dec 18, 2016
If you hurt Juvia, there is going to be a serious flood or rain storm.
lokxuandoggy lokxuandoggy 4 days ago
Juvia has been stalking Gray since forever
                              Helping him out
                              Has love rival sense
                              Does everything for him
                              Doesn't care if gray ignores her still loves him
                              Shouts out her love a million times a day
                              Nope totally not on love
iMxmories iMxmories Jul 04, 2016
Uh Juvia is a stalker. She will literally go up to your window Gray, And shove her face into the window and say "Gray~Sama..."
MrSprinkles1142 MrSprinkles1142 Sep 05, 2016
I wonder what there up to now -3- Gray u better not sink my ship