My Dirty Little Secret(A Hermione Love Story)

My Dirty Little Secret(A Hermione Love Story)

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Alicia By LaciDenise Completed

Amelia Johnson is starting her first-and last- year at Hogwarts after a rather unfortunate incident at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. After a certain someone shows up at Hogwarts doorstep, her world is turned upside down again.

Hermione Granger is internally conflicted- stay with the man she's known since her first year, or let go, and follow her hearts pining? Hermione is scared of the consequences, and what her actions will lead to.

Amelia fights to push Hermione away, while Hermione struggles to keep the girl she loves, and figure out what she should do.

But dark times are ahead and both girls will realize they need each other now more than ever.

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physically_awkward physically_awkward Aug 07, 2016
Fck this sht I'm out I don't know what the fck just happened put I don't really care so I'm gonna get the fck out of here.😂😂
Son_Joohyun Son_Joohyun Jun 06, 2015
Saw the cast and heck I loved it. Big fan of Emma Stone here! I love her she's amazing. XD  
Gabehlicious13 Gabehlicious13 Mar 01, 2013
I love the song and the story! The All American Rejects are so cool, i listened to them my entire life
MySilverDust MySilverDust Aug 06, 2012
Awts! I like how you include Harry Potter in your story! it's really great!
LaciDenise LaciDenise Aug 01, 2012
@SavyB3 I actually didn't think about it until you mentioned it, but I still have to go through and edit it some, so I'll include that. Thanks!
LaciDenise LaciDenise Aug 01, 2012
@Lyliss Thanks for that(:
                              @dreamernow31 Thanks, me too.
                              @waterhemlock Lol, I was wanted to make them fight, but I didn't want to drag it out.