I'm Got7's Choreographer

I'm Got7's Choreographer

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Park Cho Lee is the niece of Park Jin Young, the owner of JYP Ent. She is incredibly talented in dancing and somehow beautiful in a way. She has a strange personality, she could be nice and cruel at sometimes, maybe even both! She was given a job by his uncle and from then on she became the choreographer of 7 singing and dancing monkeys known better as Got7.

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                              I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call the cops yet.
Don't you mean DabDab?
                              Dab every morning when I wake up.
                              Dab when I hit the block. 
                              Dab when I get to school. 
                              Dab in detention. 
                              Dab on all them haters. 
                              Dab when I get arrested. 
                              Dan when I-
                              *breaks arm*
My parents want me to study 24/7 even if its vacation lmao.. Im smart enough WHHY 
                              I WANT TO BE FREE..
                              They were like "1000x274682" and i was like " NAH NAHT TODAY." and they were like "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!! YOURE IN DANGER"
                              AND I WAS LIKE =_= 
                              my thoughts: They know bts?
*makes inhumanely noises*
                              *makes siblings uncomfortable*
                              *makes parents uncomfortable*
                              *makes myself uncomfortable*
                              *makes Mark uncomfortable*
                              Welcome to my life.
Well, I'm thirteen and so far I've managed to be the biggest consumer of Lays Potato Chips. I feel shamed.