Count Your Shadows

Count Your Shadows

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Sydney By shortygirl12321 Completed

{Book 2 of 3 in the Counting series}

"When I first got to high school I thought it was daunting, without even a thought to the world surrounding me. I had no idea that the building that I was about to enter would be a condensed world of the future in front of me. Being the naïve person I was back then, I still thought I could have a better life after I got handed that diploma. It was even more naïve of me to actually believe that I would get a diploma. Now look where I am. No family, no home, no money, no job, no possibility of a diploma, and no luck. Yep, my future is definitely bright."  - Sarah Baker
      Subtract an abusive grandmother. Add foster parents. Divide sanity. Multiply nine brothers. This equals the past few months of Sarah Baker's life.  

      For the past nine years, Sarah Baker has appeared to have it all together. She has even convinced herself of that fact. But once certain events come around, she soon realizes that everything she thought she knew either doesn't matter, or is a lie. She can't face the people who won't understand what she's going through, and the ones who can aren't able to anymore. So, in hope of finding some light in a world of shadows, she goes in search of her old self, in a city she once knew like the back of her hand. She may not have it all together. Maybe she never did. But all she can do is count her shadows, because she has nothing left to live for.
      Subtract a best friend. Add four old friends. Divide a family of eleven. Multiply an infinite amount of problems. This equals Sarah Baker's life for the rest of this story.

  • mystery
  • thriller
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Umicorn123 Umicorn123 Dec 19, 2017
Wait sooo she’s not even going to care everyone might be looking for her!???
Lucian_Princess Lucian_Princess Aug 23, 2016
I'm  so happy there is more to her story but I'm so sad because she's been through so much
xgasiax xgasiax Jun 06, 2016
Just finished the first book less than thirty seconds ago and I just can't wait to finish this one!! Such an amazing author!
damsiriusfangirl damsiriusfangirl Sep 12, 2015
I feel so stupid...... Just realised the subtract a best friend part was referring to shadow
mindnova mindnova Sep 05, 2015
Oh my god i love this, better than my mystery story. MIne doesn't even follow one character omfg congrats
X_Leigh_X X_Leigh_X May 06, 2015
I literally pulled a face that basically said, 'awwww' and my mum was like, 'what the hell are you doing?'