Possessive Hearts (discontinued. See last Author's Note to see why)

Possessive Hearts (discontinued. See last Author's Note to see why)

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Jordananime By Jordananime Updated Mar 05, 2016

"Ah," I exhaled as he licked and nibbled down my stomach. His tongue doing wonders as they reached closer and closer to my sensitive spot. I bit my lower lip as his canines grazed my skin as they inched closer down. My body was beginning to become hot as I felt Ky bite the hem of my pajama bottoms, growling as he tugged them lightly with his teeth. My heart was pounding as he released the hem, decided to wreck havoc on my thighs, placing his hands on my knees.

Ky, is a possessive, strong, and powerful Alpha.

Serena, is a disobedient, stubborn, and beautiful Beta.

Serena has known Ky for all her life, she would never guess that he was her other half. When she was young, she's always had a strange connection with him, but she would never guess that they would be lovers!

Ky, has been interested in Serena ever since they had met. He knew that she was going to be his mate and he was glad about it. As they grew older, their bond became stronger and he was utterly madly in love with her. But his possessiveness makes it hard to express it.

Talk has also been going around the packs about a Alpha pack that's in the area. It's rare for an Alpha pack to exist, it was a pack that was just made out of...well...Alphas. They go around place to place recruiting Alphas, telling them to kill their packs and join them. Some give in to the temptation. Tension grows between the packs and a brink of a war might begin, those who joins the Alphas and the ones who stay true to their packs. But it seems that the Alpha pack wants more than just Alphas, they want Serena! 

Will these two lovers see eye to eye, will their hearts beat at the same pace, will they finally stand together as one? Or will Serena' s disobedience and Ky's possessiveness make them fall apart at the seams?

  • action
  • alphaxbeta
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • werewolves
ella_officially ella_officially Aug 13, 2016
Yeah. Of course. I always say that. But I always wake up 5 hours later.
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But I have a feeling someone is coming into her life in this chpt or the next!
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Yep for me it's 15-20 more minutes after 5 minutes XD,I sleep till like 10 given any day!
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My cousins name is Rebecca....seriously MY name is serenity...are u picking the names in my family so fare?!
Jordananime Jordananime Apr 22, 2014
@xoxojulieann It's the least I could do, are you liking the book so far?