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She stayed quiet, hoping that the man wouldn't notice her behind the couch.
 She held her breath, knowing that if she let go her cover would be destroyed, obliterated, gone... 
Her one chance to live through this hell, this hell that she brought on. She shook with fear, the man in the room twitched, almost as if he could FEEL her in the room.
"Come out (Y/N)..." 
She shivered, the way he said her name.....
Call her crazy, but she almost... almost enjoyed hearing it roll off his tongue.
This was-no, IS..... Insanity....


Hey so, I did actual research for this book. Like, I litterally had to look things up for the setting of the book. Floyd County is a real place, I visited friends there last Christmas. That's where I originally came up with the idea for this book, it had everything a horror story needs, a forest, a river, and a tightly knit community. 

So I hope you're enjoying this, cause I know I am.

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