(Slowly Rewriting) Arranged Marriages never work!

(Slowly Rewriting) Arranged Marriages never work!

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Maya By drumstickler Updated Oct 14, 2011

Ashley never thought she'd fall in love anytime soon...especially with the hot guy her parents are practically forcing her to marry. 

She is just your average 17 year-old. She loves to boogey in her room with the music blasting, she loves reading, hates doing homework, and is a bit boy-crazy due to her extreme lack of experience in romantically dealing with the opposite sex.

When Ashley is forced to move the other side of the country and live in a house alone with possibly THE hottest guy on the planet, Ashley thinks she just might die trying to resist his powers of persuasion. As she grows closer to him, against her will she finds herself falling for this sad, hot jerk and craving his addictive company.

Will the two be doomed to a fleeting, heartbreaking relationship? Or will they grow so close not even a whole country can keep the two apart. FIND OUT!!!