WANTED (The Runaways Series Book #2)

WANTED (The Runaways Series Book #2)

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Jenny By jr0127 Updated Jun 16, 2016

In book two of The Runaways, Hailey and Caleb's relationship is thrown into chaos when Sawyer Hughes, Hailey's brand new boss, sets out to steal her away. When a mistake kept secret between Hailey and Sawyer swims to the surface, Caleb is left questioning if he wrongly put his faith in the hands of the woman he loves or in the hands of his enemy.

Distraught, Caleb finds himself fighting to fend off his family's demons and falls victim to the one vice that could send him down the same path as his father. With little left to live for, Caleb makes a last ditch attempt to get Hailey back, and puts both their lives at risk in the process.

Once the consequences of Caleb's actions go public, the man responsible for the death of the Evans brothers sets his sights on murdering the last of them.  Even from behind bars, Mitch will stop at nothing to silence Caleb.

When a shocking discovery about Sawyer’s identity turns Hailey's and his relationship sinister, Hailey finds herself fighting to save Caleb from Sawyer and her father's plans.

But when it comes down to the wire, will she die for love or kill for it?

Kaitlinw15 Kaitlinw15 Dec 04, 2014
Please continue to update I really want to know how this story ends!!!
pekkita23 pekkita23 Sep 12, 2014
just finished the first book i'm not sure if im ready to start the second one 
Bethany_Lister Bethany_Lister Apr 05, 2014
So I'm guessing Sawyer is working for Mitch? Shits gonna do down, and I have a feeling I'm gonna cry. A lot.
yesimashortaswitch yesimashortaswitch Mar 14, 2014
Yay i loved the first one so looking forward to reading this one too :)
KimyeGoals KimyeGoals Mar 13, 2014
I read the beginning of the first book and can honestly say this sound very interesting although I can't remember why her dad wants Caleb dead I'll have to go back and re-read. I like it so far and hope you update soon.
BellaTragedia BellaTragedia Mar 13, 2014
ooo this sounds good. thanks for making a sequel to 'the runaway's' and sharing it with us!! I look forward to reading this.