Harm and Harmony

Harm and Harmony

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A human who wishes to survive in the darkness.
A monster who strives to live in the light.
This is the story of their fated meeting. 

Charged with treason against the royal family, Corinna accepts a deal to spare her family's lives. She is cast into the magical prison realm called 'The Eternal Abyss'- a monster-infested wasteland where prisoners slowly lose their memories and cannot die, only suffer. 

Knowing that if she tries to escape her family will be executed, Corinna decides to do everything she can to survive in this perilous and rotting world, even if that means befriending the unlikeliest of allies: a monster who strives to escape the prison who teaches Corinna how to survive in 'The Eternal Abyss'.

A 'Beauty and the Beast' love story.
Where the Beast wishes to remain a monster.

Book cover by Jamie Williams
Their Twitter account: @J_W_Animation

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