The Disjointed Tales Of Renryre Island

The Disjointed Tales Of Renryre Island

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M.A.B. Holloway By mabholloway Completed

Ever since the mainland vanished overnight, along with almost the entire city watch, gangsters have ruled the bustling cobblestone streets of the once proud towns of Renryre Island. Now, a new quest begins; the search for the mainland is revived. It's a perfect opportunity for villains and heroes alike!

This comic fantasy will bring adventure and laughs throughout, in a tale both diverse and original. A host of unique guides will lead you on a fantastic journey through all parts of the island as the quest for the mainland continues - disjointed, but ever interconnected!

--- Praise for TDToRI
⭐ "This is so brilliant. It's like T. Pratchett meets R. Jordon, but better." - A wonderful Wattpad comment from author E A Carter.
⭐ "It's like Robert E. Howard with a touch of Douglas Adams." - A generous Facebook post from Trevor James Blasius.

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