Potter's Sister (George Weasley)

Potter's Sister (George Weasley)

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Harry Potter has a sister.
Ruby Potter has a crush.
George Weasley has a twin.
Fred Weasley is irritating.
Ronald Weasley is bloody starving.
And Hermione Granger is my savior.

Harry potter and all the characters except for Ruby belong to J.K. Rowling. I do not own hogwarts, the burrow, the quidditch world cup, etc., or any other place in this book.


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What did she do the last two years? I thought you go to Hogwarts when your 11 and she doesn't seem like she knows nothing about magic
TheresWaldo TheresWaldo Dec 19, 2016
Thought it said she liked the smell of her pet Phoenix. And I was wondering, don't birds normally smell weird?
_Syltherin_Pride_ _Syltherin_Pride_ Oct 24, 2016
WAIT!!?!?!?? Don't You Start Going To Hogwarts At 11??? Am I Right Or Am I Right?
Krazykittenrules Krazykittenrules Dec 28, 2016
Basically my birthday is 2days before Christmas.
                              Easy to remember, right?
                              Well, since everyone forgets about it it seems not...
TheresWaldo TheresWaldo Dec 19, 2016
I always remember my birthday and I always wake thinking, "Yipee, one year closer to death and the sheer terror of adulthood." In a complete deadpan (which is basically my normal tone) voice.
AngelCakeszee AngelCakeszee Oct 09, 2016
I kept forgetting the name of the month I was born on so I would say that it's after Christmas when I younger.