Red Sky (Black/Native American Love Story)

Red Sky (Black/Native American Love Story)

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Yamaudi By Yamaudi_Andrea Updated Nov 22, 2014

This is a story i wrote in 6th grade. It will be way more mature though. It's about A Native American man and A Black woman. This is a preview of the first chapter.

My name is Lilia Marie. I'm an ex-slave. My father was freed by his owner in his will, so he took our family out west.My mother, brother, and husband died of Chrlorea while we traveled with a wagon train. Once we made it half way, we stopped. While we slept, we were ambushed at night. They killed all the men and children but took me,May, and Rachel. They're mixed race twins who pass for White. The Cheyenne warriors took us to their village. They crowded around us, looking and observing. An old Native woman with long grey hair in two braids came up to me.She touched my skin and lifted my arms. She spoke a language I couldn't understand. A older man made a call and a young man came towards me. He was tall, bronze skinned, long braided hair with feathers and his body was very musclar.He was gorgeous. He spoke the same language as the woman. She turned to me and asked

"Have you lost someone to disease?"

Adreanna18W Adreanna18W Mar 05
Wow that's an uncle tom for air work hard so you can be a house nigga naw work hard so you don't have to be a slave at all good story love
LunaParis LunaParis Oct 06, 2014
 he killed her! He killed her! *sobs uncontrollably* 
                              Amazing story though... 
WinterRoseAnna WinterRoseAnna Jul 18, 2014
this story is so different you never really seen things like this i love it :)
liptongurl06 liptongurl06 Jun 14, 2014
I really like this!  Just on the second page and already sucked in!!
daisyxo25 daisyxo25 Apr 08, 2014
So exciting and I have been looking for a Native American story until now.....and I agree with the other readers it can be big hit
Justcallmetee Justcallmetee Mar 17, 2014
This is such a great story idea !! I'm about to start fan-girling....... This is such an original idea that could make it very far, I love the way you write so I'm already in love ! PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEE CONTINUES !!!!!!!!!