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Loved By the Pack and by my Mate

Loved By the Pack and by my Mate

127K Reads 2.5K Votes 16 Part Story
Selene Richmond By WerewolfxMate Completed

How would it be to feel rejected by your own family? Your mother Gone, Your father wanting nothing to do with you.. Just because you look like an exact copy of your mother. who ran away because of what her father did and said. Lizzy Looks just like her mom, Down to the Long Black waves in her hair, shimmering Green eyes. Oh and Not to Mention your Pack is Clueless about how Lizzy's dad is neglecting her. Well this is Elizabeth Logan's Life She's a 16 yearold werewolf. Her father John is the Alpha and her mother the Luna Ran away because of her fathers Harsh Dunk words. So what Does Lizzy Do? She distracts herself with keeping busy. But, right when she thought her life COULDN'T GET ANY WORSE she finds out her mate is the Neighboring Pack's Alpha, the most popular boy in school... Kyle Wolfe, and to make it worse?! He has a Girlfriend already who thinks.... correction believes she's his mate. When Lizzy Bumped into Kyle in the Hallway falling onto her butt onto the cold floor. When she looks up to see Kyle there she cant Believe that he is her mate, and from the shocking, but Loving look? Kyle must have felt the shock from bumping into her as well. Where will this go for Lizzy??

Emblem3_123 Emblem3_123 Jan 08, 2014
Oh. My. Gosh. This was an absolutely amazing chapter!!!! I was so intrigued!!!! WWWOOWWW
SammyGirlTheWeird SammyGirlTheWeird Mar 01, 2013
The summary sounds like 'Paying for his mistakes*, except it's *ech* romance >_<
Serenity47 Serenity47 Jul 31, 2012
@IrmaJHerrera l dont think they were trying to be rude, just implying their oppinions.
IrmaJHerrera IrmaJHerrera Jul 22, 2012
@all the people with the problem with the spelling issues. Get over it.  
                              I love the story plot please continue it. It is really good
Yanai648 Yanai648 Jul 10, 2012
Even though you have spelling errors i can still understand lol :p. I think the start is so sweet, errors & all lol. I love it!!!!! :D
imdardy imdardy Jun 19, 2012
love, you might want check your spelling and edit a bit more.Not that's it's bad but the errors make it hard to read it a bit :)