Life As I Know It (Completed)

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Ellie Devlin’s life could hardly be classified as perfect, but it was tolerable. That is, until her mother, Moira, started dating again. Now that Jack and her mom are getting pretty serious, Ellie has to deal with the possibility of having a stepdad in the picture, and if that wasn’t enough, a step-brother too! Drew Hamilton was hot; that was undeniable. But, he was also a loner, and behind his reserved attitude, dark clothes, and his flashy motorbike, there was a sweet guy waiting to be unleashed. For those of you looking for a fun, light read, carry on...
    LENGTH: 87,000 words or 334 pages
    ** Edited by DanaScully**
                                    I've been searching for a goddamn light romance for hours and I couldn't find anything I hadn't read, this is my 110th book I've read on wattpad. I got scared, I thought there were no bloody good books left :(
                                    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Maybe the girl you put on the trailer she is referring to... Maybe the girl has blue eyes not hazel, but it is your book so you can put anything you would like
the school i go to is diffrent.... u go to secondary school until ur 18 (or 17 if u do well on ur exams and take a gap year) then u go to collage
The school system in the UK is the same in Singapore too!!!
                                    This story seems pretty interesting :)
Thanks for explaining that, I have to admit I was a bit confused!
Thank you so much for explaining that I was uber confused previously