Strong Willed (Slave AU)

Strong Willed (Slave AU)

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Sun Angels By SolangeloDemigod Updated Aug 16, 2018

Jason Grace is the heir to one of two powerful kingdoms. The Kingdom of Procellas. His father is forcing him to bring a slave or some kind of partner that would provide him with an heir before he becomes king. Because Jason isn't attracted to women, he orders a male slave to be his "partner". Luckily, this male happens to be a "carrier". Also known as a male that can produce a child the same way females do.

Nico di Angelo was the fiance of the prince of the Kingdom of Caelum. Which is one of two most powerful kingdoms. His fiance, William, is the love of his life. When he decides to explore the kingdom and ends up being captured by enemies of the kingdom, then finds himself forced into slavery. But Nico is determined to return to his prince and not let himself be used as some toy. 

(Contains: Mpreg) 

(I will not lie, this story had a bit of inspiration behind it. The fic that inspired me is this:

I will not me copying this person's story or intend to in any way. If you'd like, you can read the story. I recommend it. It's very good, in my opinion at least.)

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