Heir To The Iron Crown ✓

Heir To The Iron Crown ✓

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Aisha By selladore_ Completed


It was him. 

It was his scent, there was no mistaking it. 

For months I was searching and now, I know he's here, his musky scent has never been stronger. I ran through the trees and stopped to catch my breath for a second. 

I couldn't see him. I couldn't hear him. But the mate bond made it possible for me to sense him still. And now, I could smell him, he was so very close.

I closed my eyes to collect myself when I felt a hand make its way over my eyes, and an arm slithered around my waist. 

Ecstasy like I have never felt before swelled in my chest as I relaxed in his arms. I could feel the tears of happiness in my eyes. 

That's when I heard him speak, and I could almost hear my heart shattering. 

"You have to stop looking for me, my love."

I was still processing his words, before I realized that he was gone.


Raynhildur Ylva is a dyrith and has always been very different from all the werewolves in her pack. She's had it rough from the start and now, at twenty-one years of age, she's almost given up on finding her mate too.


With no real home, no family, no friends and a band of Liet eyeing her every move, she can only hope for a miracle and find the person she's supposed to be with, to take her away from this life. 

But what happens when she finally does and he gives her the most confusing signals ever? 

And the biggest question of all. 

Who is he?


Highest rank:
#1 in mate
#5 in alpha
#30 in Werewolf