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Chelsea By awkwardchelsea Updated Dec 24, 2016

Chelsea Crimson was the girl everyone in her pack strayed from. Now, four years later she's the girl that everyone in her pack needs. Especially the man who spent years bulling her, her mate Nash Steele. 
  Chelsea Crimson couldn't shift. She was seventeen years old and had never so much as heard her wolf before. The entire school knew how pathetic she was, including the man she'd been in love with since elementary school, Nash Steele. After a joke goes way to far, Chelsea shifts in anger only to discover she's a rare white wolf.
   An escape is given to her, in the form of Delios's School for the Supernatural, where she's among individuals who see her as a god. Especially an upper classman by the name of Darren Cross, a vampire who can see into the future. 
  With the help of Darren and her bestfriend Darcy, Chelsea learns she's apart of a prophecy she must stop the race of FORMIDULOSUS, a mixture of every Supernatural entity. With her brother missing and a insane Alpha King out to kill her, she needs her mate now more than ever. Unfortunately for her, fate likes to play cruel tricks. She's mated to her bully. 
  Nash Steele had his life figured out for him before he was conceived. He was to run the Steel pack, mate, and bear the future next heir to the title. Tired of living by his father's rules, Nash lashes out and happens to hurt the one girl he wanted more than ever-Chelsea Crimson. Once he's realized the extent of his errors he goes to apologize, which only drives her farther away and straight into the arms of another man. When Nash realizes his mate is Chelsea, he's thrilled. However his celebration is cut short when he realizes she's in love with another man, and if he wants to stop his psychotic relative and save Chelsea's life, he'll have to work alongside him.
  Saving the world from the FORMIDULOSUS race is a lot easier than being mated to a girl who wants you dead.

TinaCaldeira1226 TinaCaldeira1226 Jun 27, 2016
Girly get you a good, sturdy school bag and avoid them lockers. Besides the back pain that should eventually turn into muscle you should be fine
sammi104 sammi104 Dec 01, 2016
Great first chapter, I'm looking forward to reading more ❤️❤️
DreamerOtakuGirl DreamerOtakuGirl May 13, 2015
I've had this book in my library for a long time and now I'm finally giving it a try