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Meet Savanah! 

Her life is pretty simple! Or so that's how it looks from an outside point of View. 
Go to school, Hang out with friends! You know your everyday day to day activities of a Highschool senior. 

With Abscent parents, An aggressive boyfriend and a protective bad boy that lives next door. Her life becomes pretty problematic. 

Follow Savanah as she learns lesson's in what's right and what's wrong! What's acceptable and what is not!

In this High school Drama! Filled with Handsome guys, Hightened Jealousy and a tornado that is Savanah's Life. 

"One girl, Two Brothers & a whole lot of problems"❤️💖❤️🤯

"A Swirl of emotions & A Heartache Romance"💖

MATURE CONTENT Ahead. Violence, Sex and probably more👀🙊

A New Update Every two days. 
Wrote the first few chapters years ago so bare with me it gets better promise 😊
Wrote on my mobile phone so most likely spelling mistakes to occurr, consider yourself warned 😅
Slowly editing 💖

Savanah - Previously known as 'Me, The Aggressive & Mr.Badboy Protective' 

Highest ranking #2-Dangerous love
Highest ranking #5-Boynextdoor
TRIGGER WARNINGS- DOMESTIC violence, bad language and a few sex scenes 

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