Unexpected Love In the Hood

Unexpected Love In the Hood

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UniquelyTwinkle By UniquelyTwinkle Updated Aug 21, 2015

The things that happen in love are so unexpected. Starting with the people that happen to appear in our lives. When they appear in our life, we expect them to stay. Not just temporarily, but forever. 

When we say forever, we actually do mean forever. But things don't always happen the way in which we want them to. They seem to happen in the complete opposite manner. For forever can be only a week. Or a month. Or whatever. There just isn't an actual real existence of a lifetime of forever love.

The simplest thing can, and does, sever our hopes of having an happily ever after.

We fall in love and then what? We fall right out of it. That's just the way it is. Always has been. Always will be. Well, in the hood that is.

But what happens when neither one of two wants to let go? 

Well I'll let you know what happens. 

Hi. My name is Courtney Jones. I'm 17 years old. All I do is study, study, and oh, I forgot to say study. Yep, I'm a senior whose all in my books. I have no friends aside f...

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So-Serious So-Serious Mar 10, 2017
Had Me at "virgin freak and virgin hoe" I finally met the book that describes me😭😭😭 it ain't easy
fineassdada fineassdada Mar 25, 2016
I'm loving this book already, at least the girl likes her skin color. I'm tired of those stories of girls who are insecure because of there skin color
Qveen__Dana Qveen__Dana Mar 14, 2016
Courtney is just like me:Nerdy on the outside yet completely freaky on the inside lol
Coley_you_knows_it Coley_you_knows_it Jun 16, 2016
Man if I called my mama by her first name man she would slap the fuckkkkkk outta me man I wouldn't dare try some crazy like that man
PurpleSparks1214 PurpleSparks1214 Feb 21, 2016
No I don't believe a 21and a 14 year old is right.
                              She made it sound like he's a pedobear. 🐻
                              Plus the parent was cool with that, being pregnant at 14.
                              My parents would have whoop my ass.
ariiibabyyyyy ariiibabyyyyy Aug 25, 2015
that's a big ass difference it would be a lil different if she was like 16-18 or something