Say you'll be mine - Jily

Say you'll be mine - Jily

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Beanie Baker By JilyPotterOblivion Updated Dec 02, 2017

Cover by @SophieOsgood
Seventh year at Hogwarts. Lily realises James is head boy. She has to spend the next year doing head duties. How will she cope! And how will she deal with her now turned around what she thought was normal life?
"Do you, Lily Evans, want to be my girlfriend?"

"Say it like you used to" I replied with a grin on my face

"Okay then" He started "Hey Evans?" He asked

"What Potter?" I replied

"Say you'll be mine" 

"I'll be yours" I said "Any day James Potter. I'll always be yours"

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AnneOnymousIV AnneOnymousIV Oct 10, 2017
*there're ;)
                              Okay I don't think anyone on Wattpad's quite that fussy
ItzJustLiza ItzJustLiza 4 days ago
Wait, I thought his middle name was Freaking? Am I confused?
Daughter_Of_Ath3na Daughter_Of_Ath3na Nov 09, 2017
The same thing happened to me, am I weird for just yelling at myself in my head for even thinking that :/=:3:&_/)& Bloody ;_+3/4) is not bad
kawaiipotato126 kawaiipotato126 Dec 27, 2017
When they get married 
                              This is what Sirius puts on the screen in front of them
                              THE WEDDING OF PRONGSIE AND PRONGSETTE!
Alexa-Darkfire Alexa-Darkfire Jun 01, 2016
did you mean snogging Sirius, because shagging means something else...
gracex0 gracex0 May 11, 2016
                              Hey! I love this story!
                               it would really mean a lot if could go check out my jily fic :)