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Nightshade Academy (BoyxBoy)

Nightshade Academy (BoyxBoy)

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Hono-to-kori By Hono-to-kori Updated Nov 10, 2015

Oliver Scott, Ollie, is just like any other teenaged boy. He enjoys music, playing his guitar, and eating anything and everything placed in front of him. He has worries about his first year in high school, like any normal teenager would, there's just one catch. Oliver is actually an Esper, a being with psychic abilities, and he's off to attend Nightshade Academy the prestigious school for monsters and ghouls you thought only existed in your nightmares. If you think going to your school is tough, try attending a boarding school full of werewolves, vampires, witches, and all kinds of mythical creatures. Oliver's troubles begin the day before school even starts when his new roommate, Dakota, asks him to join his band and preform in the welcome back ceremony last minute. What seemed like a kind gesture ended up earning him the attention of the two hottest and most popular guys in the school, which might not be best of things as he's thrown into their childish disputes over who's the dominate race, vampire or werewolf. Oliver finds himself in a stranger than fiction world filled with rivals, jealousy, love, and lust. His hopes of just being able to survive four years are slowly fading as danger and dark secrets arise and he soon finds that his fate may be sealed with the Academy's stone cold walls.

Yeeeeah I'm not the best at descriptions, but I hope you guys enjoy the story anyways. I promise if you just give it a chance you won't be disappointed ;) I mean there's cute boys and hot guy on guy action in here! What more could you want? Oh and don't flippin steal my ideas -_- love ya! ;D

Yeah right! Me not going into a scary building is like saying a person with a sweet tooth hates sweets
PFT! that? that would only make me more intrested, theres this abandounded orphanege/church thing and I would LOVE to check it out, the porch on the second level is colapsed though XD
Is he the uke In the relationship or what? Cause I don't know about him being a seme
creator1dx creator1dx Oct 03, 2016
hey i was wondering could you please vote/read/comment on my books freaks and Twenty One Questions. just Pm me so i can return the votes. also F4F?? sorry to bother you
KaylumAndrews KaylumAndrews Nov 04, 2016
Omg it's like normal highschool  but for mythical and supernatural creatures meaning that the baby face is a new student and the people that are mocking him are jock's
Xu-Weizhou Xu-Weizhou Oct 24, 2016
U said ur not good at description but DUDE its freakin cool and i already love your book ♥♥♥^^ hope you update more of this