Book of Extremely Short Short Stories

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Monica By Monica4242 Updated 2 years ago
This is a book that has all of my very short short stories :)
Life's events. Good story,  but I used it to improve my  english.  ;)
Aww this was awesome.It is amazing how you expressed this song in a powerful story.I started my wattpad journey with 'Tables have turned'
                                    That made me this long in wattpad.I've been a silent reader to your other works as well.You're so perfect in your writing :)
Loved this! So cute! songs really do put things into perspective! :)
Lovable story, though I think it was a bit rushed. It would have been better if you slowed the pacing and made it longer. It actually has the making of a good novella, no matter how cliche the plot is :D
very typical :( but i wish she wasnt as easy, she shouldve made him earn her.
this is such a sweet story. i am glad that her great singing talent was discovered and that she gained respect and drew's love :)
                                    you are one of the BEST authors ever!