Luna? Really. (COMPLETED)

Luna? Really. (COMPLETED)

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Alex whistled through his teeth. "Who needs this many rooms when they're living on their own?" 

"Or not living on their own," Ryder called from one of the corridors. He came back with a lacy pink bra dangling off his fingers. Eww. I wrinkled my nose in disgust and said "Gross!". 

"Quite the opposite actually.." Al said with a wink in my direction. Ryder just grinned. 

I rolled my eyes. "Bloody hell. Who thought that the two of you are still young teenage hormonal boys at heart?" 

They both scowled at that. Haha. Go me!

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HereForTheComments HereForTheComments Jul 08, 2017
the gray really brings out her eyes and look at the curves on the letters. They on flick
lelephant99 lelephant99 Feb 22, 2016
If she's wearing black sunglasses, clearly you can't see if her eyes widen.
BrandoRowland1 BrandoRowland1 Jan 28, 2016
I am in live with you! ! mean people like you...aka..ME!!!
TheyCallUsMonsters TheyCallUsMonsters Aug 03, 2016
I imagined her as Cara delevinge or Kate beckinsal from the underworld
CardsAndCrowns CardsAndCrowns Jul 07, 2016
Lily Collins, or a very bad actress for Clarissa Fray, no offense intended, just opinion
HateHumans35 HateHumans35 Feb 13, 2016
I love you for making the character last names Steele and Grey 😂❤❤❤