The Marine's Evangeline

The Marine's Evangeline

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One is unhappily married. The other is a self-proclaimed bachelor. What happens when these two lives cross?

His mother always told him one of these days he's going to meet a woman who is going to rock his world and he won't know what to do, but he just laughed at the thought. In thirty-four years it hasn't happened, so what's to make him think it ever will. He will just keep doing what he's doing remaining happy all by himself with no strings attached.

She heard him coming out of the bathroom and quickly wiped her face. When she looked at him she could see the satisfied smile on his face and it literally made her sick to her stomach. 'How in the hell did I ever love this man? Did I ever really love this man, or did I just get so caught up I couldn't think straight? I am so ashamed and I don't know what to do.' She thought to herself as he walked toward her taking off his clothes.

When he meets her will he change his view on relationships?  Will he cause her to question her commitment to her husband? Can he be the saving grace she needs to give her the strength to remove herself from an abusive marriage?

Sarah_Knight_ Sarah_Knight_ Nov 11, 2015
LOVE THIS!! My husband is a former marine so this is very very intriguing!  ;-) I love the way you write, so inspiring!
KarmaButterfly813 KarmaButterfly813 Jul 03, 2015
I've been to that base on a MCJROTC field trip... it was fun
JusticePHeart JusticePHeart Mar 21, 2015
I'm a sucker for happy ending too. If I read a book with a sad ending I feel so depressed and sad and I just wanna punch something..... kind of hopeless romantic here ;)
SachaM SachaM Dec 30, 2014
@AsiaJones It is but that's just Derek. He got what he wanted so there was no need to stay.
AsiaJones AsiaJones Dec 29, 2014
That's cold even me and my FB chill for a few minutes after or he falls asleep