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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

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♡Roni♡ By xXxEpicScreamxXx Updated Oct 13, 2015

Hey! So Quotev was being annoying so I decided to post my creepypasta boyfriend scenarios here!

How you meet:

Ben Drowned: You were roaming around the mall with your best friend y/b/f/n, you were both bored out of your mind until you saw a new video game store had opened. Your e/c eyes widened as you took hold of your best friends hand and dragged her into the store.

You were a huge gamer, and now you wouldn't have to order any games online anymore. Y/b/f/n was picking up some of the classic pokemon games while you went searching elsewhere. You heard a thud behind you, you swung around and saw a video game on the floor. You picked it up. On a hunk of tape written in red sharpie it said Majora's Mask. You had never seen this game before. Clutching it tightly you ran to the counter and asked the man working how much it was. "5 dollars." 5 bucks?! Score! You paid the man and left, heading home to play your game.

When you plugged it into *insert game console* you saw it already had a s...

Bye Felicia! Try the door next time, those floorboards don't creak as much!
                              I NEED SANS HERE! SANS!!!!!
                              *Runs off and looks for him*
ObeyMisheru ObeyMisheru Jul 26, 2016
Nice going Michelle! Your friend is right you do creep boys out -.- this is why you've been 43 days single *face palm* I'm jk.. Except the 43 day single part.. o-o
Pandacandypower Pandacandypower Dec 27, 2015
I bet I know what Eyeless Jack was thinking, 'Oh shiz it's a fangirl!'
CupKake_youngin CupKake_youngin Jun 01, 2015
1. I'm straight, I no prob. Wit gay/les. People.
                              2. I love the story
hainternalscreaming hainternalscreaming Aug 03, 2014
True that. If my story was half as bad and Jeff's id probably turn a little... Shall we say.... Aggressive? ;)