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Who'd have known

Who'd have known

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Claire By InsaneWeirdo Completed

Holly is a smart quiet girl and her and her best friend, Izzy, both hate Zach. After he cheated on Izzy and always calls Holly names and makes her feel like an outcast. Zach is the school jerk and most popular and fit guy in the school, he thinks everyone loves him. Until Zach's parents go on a romantic getaway and Holly's mum, being Zach's mum's best friend, let's him stay in the spare room in her house. But why does Holly's mum keep leaving them alone together? Is she up to something? Holly is outraged, but can she get through the week and what happens when Zach starts to fall for her?

InsaneWeirdo InsaneWeirdo Mar 13, 2011
@LoveStrykes Thanks, yeah I'm not so good at titles but I'll have a think and change it when I've thought of a good one.  :)
heartflower heartflower Mar 13, 2011
Nice pairing. :) I'd suggest a more interesting title than one that tells all about the plot. Something that plays a big role in your story should be the title.
InsaneWeirdo InsaneWeirdo Feb 19, 2011
@mohiniangel Thanks, I'll do that for the next chapters and add cast asap! :)
mohiniangel mohiniangel Feb 19, 2011
This is really good! Please write more - Love it. Also, quite confusing with the POV changes so please write Zach's POV/Holly's POV. Thanks and add a cast!
                              Also please write more soon, and make it a bit longer. Thanks xx =D Love it already can't wait for the next one!