Great Soul Wars

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Josh Labis By iKenneth15 Updated 3 years ago
Xena Xandiff , a strange teenage werewolf was blessed with the gift of life but born with no single emotion in her heart. No one knows this yet, except for her so she decided to imitate what emotions are  to fully cover herself from perplex questions from around in order to have a normal life with others. Until one day, a magical dreaded thing happened to her during school time. Various soul-beings called the Essences began to visit her every now and then, reminding her about a millennium old prophecy which is yet to be fulfilled by none other than, herself and teach her what emotions are. To fulfill this, she has to join the single most brutal competition in the supernatural world and reveal what was hidden, release what was trapped and defend what was hers. Her life.
I looove your descriptions! 
                                    I will read the rest later, this is awesome! 
Enter the wars, I dare you.
                                    It definitely caught my attention. 
okay so now im sensing that this is very close to the concept of Hunger Games
love your cover and this prologue seriously gave me the shivers
I'm hooked from the prologue! Wow this sounds absolutely amazing xD
U used the word cimmerian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Oh oh oh I liked it! And and and peeta mellark???? rEALLY? He is my soul mate duhhhhhhh:D good story nethy! Imma read on!:p is this comment long enough for you?