Fallen angel

Fallen angel

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theshroffgirl19 By theshroffgirl19 Updated Jun 09, 2014

Holla amigos,

Dis story is about Irene, a fallen angel......confused. Well let me tell u, Irene is an ex-angel, she was an angel till she was thrown down by HER highness of heaven to experience human struggles, fear, love i.e, human  emotions. She was sent down as a punishment for not  being thankful even after havng such a blissful life. Well iz being human dat difficult??? Will she be able to cope up wid the different emotions overwhelming her?? Will she be able to fit in this society nd manage SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!Wil she make her life a gift or a punishment. Leaving all the luxuries of heaven behind lets put on our seatbelts  and follow Irene as she discovers nw challenges,  feelings and experiences love, betrayel. Will she be able to bear all this?? With her magic gone will she fit in dis world or will she give up and repent??? WELL LETS FIND OUT!!!!!

dIS IS MY 1ST STORY. I really hope u like the intro but im sorry i cant update till nxt mnth coz my exams r on nd exam fever is aal...

s_Fathima s_Fathima Aug 10, 2014
Amazing chapter!!!
                              you have an amazing and unique imagination...
                              Continue writing:)
theshroffgirl19 theshroffgirl19 Mar 20, 2014
well, thank u but i hope u mean it. u dnt have to love it if u dnt juz to keep my heart