Holding hands (Stingy x reader short story)

Holding hands (Stingy x reader short story)

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LazyTownReader By user25902661 Updated Mar 28

You are a new LazyTown citizen, determined to make new friends. Whilst you're there, you meet the other children, but one stands out. A dapper, young boy who would take the moon to give it to you. Credits to the artist.

Why on earth does this story have 300 views? Like seriously.

Guys, really? Why on sweet earth does this have four HUNDRED reads?!

Ok woah... 1.1k views!? And #1 in stingy? That's insane! Thank you!

(This is going to be long, for I take my time and detail everything. Like everything.)

I don't even know if people read these anymore.

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