Coming Home (Watty Awards 2012 - Finalist On The Rise)

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Laura By littleLo Completed
When they were eighteen years old, Sammy Harris and Mark Adamson went their separate ways to college promising to return to each other on Christmas Eve but when Mark didn't show, Sammy was heart broken and totally changed. She returns home 9 years later and is forced to face her past with Mark but now she's got a fiance on her arm. Will seeing her old flame bring back feelings from the past or will it only cause more problems? Sammy might find that by Coming Home she might indeed find her heart.
I'm under the impression she waited 45 minutes in the snow for him. If he was going to be late he could have called or texted her. I didn't her the behavior childish.
Aww that's sweet ^___^
                                    .....but that means SHE can break HIS heart OAO
She gave him half an hour? I would have left the house half an hour after I was supposed to arrive. He's across the country, maybe he was late
Whatever happened to actually calling the person first instead of texting?? Find out what's going on
i love love love love your story!!~its awesome!!~ and im voted!!~
Just started reading, great book so far, it's a little awkward for me to read though because my name is Jessica and I have a younger a sister named Samantha and we always call her Sammy so I keep picturing her lol