I Was Here The Whole Time ( On Hold )

I Was Here The Whole Time ( On Hold )

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Wander By CandausHurst Updated Apr 21

Five Young Teens stay the weekend in a enchanting manor. Each holding on to grudges without the others know of. Little do they know, the house itself holds a haunting history. Can they overcome the terrible past and escape the terror?

Cover: All credit goes to @stiles24stilinskiXD

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  • badhistory
  • comedy
  • depression
  • diversity
  • exfriends
  • ghosts
  • haunting
  • horror
  • house
  • lgbtq
  • paranormal
  • regrets
  • roadtrip
  • secrets
  • selfabuse
  • thriller
Leanniette Leanniette Apr 19
I see what you mean!
                              I am vegan and I see this in the whole vegan movement going on. Some make it look sooo bad with how aggressive and crazy they can get! 
                              It's all about LOVE ppl!!
                              Spread LOVE!!! 
Leanniette Leanniette Apr 19
Oh, I love his music so much! Songs of his are so infectious and happy. My fave is "The Way You Make Me Feel".
- - Mar 02
Yassss! I have a transgender best friend and he will be very happy to see this
Leanniette Leanniette Apr 19
Haha!! I haven't heard that expression before!! Guess it shows my age 😉
Leanniette Leanniette Apr 19
I don't see the point in rude comments.
                              If you don't like something that much then don't read it!! Simple!!
Leanniette Leanniette Apr 19
So am I!! 
                              No one should be ashamed about who they fall in love in with (or who they are). Love is hard enough at times!!