ROGER {Completed/Editing} ✔

ROGER {Completed/Editing} ✔

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Vee Lozada By LittleVee Completed

(Rough Draft complete)

I chewed on my lip as I looked out the broken windows, "Roger, the world's ending, isn't it?"

"Unfortunately, Clara, I don't have answers to everything."

I laughed, even as fear gripped my chest and tears rimmed my eyes, "Just don't leave me, okay?"

"Never, and that's a promise."


After the fall of separate nations during WWIII, the world has found its utopia under the unified Provincial Government. The year is 2102 and peace is all most people know. The world is simple, perfect; Racism, gone; Wars, all over.
To further enhance the world we live in, the government created an assistant to download and install within the receptors - small implants just behind the ear - for every citizen. The world is excited for it! Parties were thrown in preparation for it launch.

If only we knew it'd be our demise... and the government, the force meant to protect us, cared nothing about our lives.

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Carolyn_Hill Carolyn_Hill Jun 05, 2018
Uh oh, when I read that, my mind screams, "Danger! Danger! Abort!"
Unknown_Admin Unknown_Admin Feb 23, 2018
Hello were both scifi writers im #34 in scifi lets follow each other?
2048, that the soldiers awoke to find the war *their* had ended.