Between The Alpha & The Rogue (completed)

Between The Alpha & The Rogue (completed)

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Kayla Cacopardo By oxKayla Updated Apr 22, 2018

"Braelynn, you don't get in between an alpha and a rogue. That's a death wish". Drade stares hard at me. "Besides, only you can stop this".


Braelynn was born a rogue and grew up with her parents whom were also rogues.

One day, her parents are attacked. They die.

Braelynn doesn't want to be a lone wolf so she's goes to the one person her parents talked about. Her grandpa, whom she's never met.

What she doesn't know, is where her grandpa lives, is where the strongest pack in Australia resides. Not just the strongest, the one and only pack in the country. The Righteous pack has taken out all the smaller packs in the country leaving them the only one standing.

Braelynn tries to live in peace with this pack but they won't leave her be. Especially a certain maniac who calls himself alpha.


Mature themes; sexual references, violence.