The Chains of Humanity | Levi Ackerman

The Chains of Humanity | Levi Ackerman

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Satan's Mistress By violinfreakk Completed

She is a tormented soul, ripped away from her innocence and forced to live a cursed life as a slave; an agonized creature who stays silent and blindly obedient, yearning for freedom as she lays down on her master's bed every night in disdain and shame.

He is a lost spirit.  Though coarse and hostile on the outside, his vulgar demeanor masks a ghost of a man.  Empty and lacking the sense to look for a meaning in life, he leads through the darkness of the Underground with the company of the only two comrades he had managed to befriend.

Their tortured hearts collide with one simple glance, and thus plunges them both into a fate unlike any other.  Will they ever manage to break the chains that binds them to their corrupt society?  Or will the darkness of this world, plagued by bloodthirsty Titans, swallow them up whole?

1st Place AnimeWA [SnK]
1st Place AnimeWA [Best Title]
1st Place SnKWA [Levi]
2nd Place SnKWA [Best Title]
2nd Place SnKWA [Favorite Ship] ♡ Levi x Saika ♡

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EscapistAngel EscapistAngel Jul 09, 2017
Is there gonna be a lemon of the oc and Levi? *hopeful eyes*
MinSuga250 MinSuga250 Nov 14, 2016
That description.... Holy sheit. I am literally vibrating and I haven't even started the book yet
DonutDoh DonutDoh Aug 04, 2016
I read the entire thing and now I'm very interested in this book. Not only did the cover look amazing and the description sound awesome but now the very first page and it's very intriguing. I might even follow ฅ'ω'ฅmeow
ruwehlah ruwehlah Jan 27, 2017
I've read Weeping Samurai and Demon of The Shadows... 
                              This is definitely going to be grim as heck. *readies tissues*
That_One_Third_Wheel That_One_Third_Wheel Sep 20, 2014
This is my second time reading this and I still have no idea if I pronounce Rivaille right....(I say it like 're-veel')
SinningSkirbent SinningSkirbent Aug 15, 2014
I pronounced levy's name like leh-vee, too. :D looks like I'm not the only one.