A Different Kind Of Hybrid

A Different Kind Of Hybrid

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In 1850, a cure was found to correct DNA, replace living cells and save humanity. It was unlike any other medicine ever created. But it had one flaw,

It created Hybrids.

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Rated: PG 13+ for mild violence and moderate language

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BloodyAlpha08 BloodyAlpha08 Aug 22, 2017
I really love how this chapter was written. It's so detailed and omg so good!!!!
didhdbxubx didhdbxubx May 22, 2017
I love the way you worded it!!
                              Now that makes me want to read it even more!!
                              When I first seen the into intro I was like 'Great it's a short intro' but then I read it and I'm like 'I think I just pooped my pants...' ;-)
                              This is truly an amazing start!!
YourTvWatchesYou YourTvWatchesYou Feb 22, 2015
lol i approve.  Enjoy this  Cury with some water meloone  sry i have no friends 
taylor_j_m taylor_j_m Jul 02, 2014
Your amazing my beautiful congrats on 6k reads you deserve it keep writing xxxxxxx