Girl Undercover

Girl Undercover

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I step on the accelerator just as I hear fresh round of gunshots and a loud bang.

We get out of the parking space onto the highway.The three boys were huddled in the backseat of a very good looking interior.This was a sports car.

I look up to the rear-view mirror. Raj was sitting in between the two of my favorite boys. "Yes, I don't know how the RAW works Cuz I've only ever worked as a Phantom." I say, Pick up the sunglasses from the passenger seat and wear it.

I see a look of fear and awe cross Raj's face as Arjun smiles,looks down, shakes his head, looks out the window, looks at me again and winks. (Did that creature not know he was sexy as fuck?)

And I? I crash.

I Crash into a work in progress barricade, the barricade behind the one I crashed into falls down on stone slabs piled up. And before I can hit the brakes, the car slid onto the slanting barricade and flew a few feet before going totally out of control and circling, thrice. TBH, I haven't internally screamt in my entire life, as much as I did then.

As soon as the car turns in the right direction, I lift my leg and put it on the brakes, before the car can actually kill the moment, I step on the accelerator and we were flying down the road again.

"Whoaaaa. COOL AFFFF !" Punit screams and fistbumps Arjun.

"Did I tell you I am sorry for misbehaving? I want no troubles man. You are my damn fucking Life Goals. Teach me how to be badass, Yeah?" Raj says as Punit and Arjun burst out laughing while I try to calm my exploding heart down.

"Can we be friends?" Raj brings his pinky up to me.

"Can I just throw you out?" I reply with a smirk. and Look up at my lover's face. I haven't seen him more prouder and hotter.

"Pack your things guys. We are leaving." I speak into the Bluetooth.