The Girl Who Wish | Yona of the Dawn | 『 UNDER EDIT』

The Girl Who Wish | Yona of the Dawn | 『 UNDER EDIT』

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Meet YN. 

The girl who does nothing but enter school, home then room. The pattern continues on as she grow up, staying in a typical home with a woman she never taken a liking to; her mother. 

YN thinks that locking herself away from her friends and mother will hide the past that she believes to never resurface. 

Unexpected occasion occurs in her house and she soon find a path in unlocking her true self, who she truly is. A world she watches from nothing but a monitor and laugh all the exciting scenes. Reality and fiction took turns so now she can watch it all happen before her. 

But what happens when the story twist into a different scene that's not included in the scripted anime? Will she continue fighting? 

Go along the road with YN to encounter love, tears, fright and excitement. 

[ This story is lazily typed by KutiePotato]


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《 ⚠️ Please Be Informed that this story is under revision and names or chapters are being edited. It's clearly shown that the name is YN and a few parts will be Keiko. Excuse the mistakes ⚠️ 》

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