One in a million (Zustin Mieber)|FINISHED

One in a million (Zustin Mieber)|FINISHED

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PATTY❤️🦄 By watmalik Completed

[Complete] Zayn, is an average high school student,who met a guy Online and instantly fell in love with him.They are constantly sending each other messeges,talking through  phone calls and all that kind of stuff, but they have  never video chat and they havent  met,yet.Want to know why?

 Becuase this "Justin" guy hasn't  told  Zayn what he did for living.

He hasnt told Zayn He was, the Justin Bieber everyone kept talking 'bout in his school.

He hasnt told him he was a popstar.

"U know i dindt fell in love with ur face I fell in love with ur personality"

"I know thats why u r my One in a Million, Z. ♥"

This is a collection of Zustin Drabbles XD

A big Thanks to HopelessRealist who was the one which inspire me with her Zustin fic :D

Heads up I was 12 when I wrote this and my English was horrible so yeah sorry for the headache you guys will read :3.

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no_worries46 no_worries46 Jul 19, 2016
If you need someone to edit this I would be happy to! English is my first language
miaval09 miaval09 Oct 21, 2015
It's not my first either, it's my third. Or is it forth? I don't even know.
marvelilo marvelilo Jul 07, 2015
ooo love @HopelessRealist for her zustin series and i love that ship b'cuz of it.but there aren't many zustin books so I'm exited for this :)
zaddy- zaddy- Jun 23, 2014
I'm obsessed with this song for some odd reason, so I'm now letting you know, I love you.
marvelovers marvelovers Mar 24, 2014
awwwwww ♥
                              thank you so much ☺
                              I Love you, jaja.
                              I want one more chapter or maybe I´ll die xd.
HopelessRealist HopelessRealist Mar 16, 2014
Thank you for the dedication! :D
                              And whoa, they have phone sex and haven't even met face to face yet? Ohhhhh naughty boys ;)