One True Love (Sequel to Turned Rogue)

One True Love (Sequel to Turned Rogue)

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J. Ludwig By iheartZaynM Completed

(Part II of the Lycan Series) 

Bennie Logan, Lycan, the offspring of two sociopaths and the recipient of a gift from the Gods. 

Beaten to the point of submission, she forces herself to go to school, continue this charade of the perfect family and keep her head down. 

After all, no one likes a broken girl right? 


Bryce Lican, future Alpha of his pack, and a mate-less powerful bachelor in the Lycan world. 

There's something about this Lycan girl that made him weary and dreamy, was she supposed to be so...strong? 

Both worlds will collide in this enchanting and thrilling tale of loss, love and magic.

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TateLukens TateLukens Mar 30, 2016
Haven't read first book. Didn't really look at the "this is a sequel" part till after this chapter. Oops😊😊
abhie1396 abhie1396 Aug 30, 2014
what happend to drew? in the first book he's not that mean? am i reading the right story?
tororo tororo Mar 31, 2013
bennies mom bennies dad meet my fist
                              fist meet mom and dad
                              im sure youll have a strong and close relationship
Sherone Sherone Feb 09, 2013
I like it but u taking her mate all over the place and It's going in too many directions.
hgames113 hgames113 Nov 03, 2012
yay THEY'RE BACK!!!!! *Screams at top my lungs and mom yells at me to keep it down* (<-- not kidding) 
                              @TameikaLayne and i know exactly what you mean, ive got it too
TameikaLayne TameikaLayne Aug 31, 2012
                              i have this ... this feeling in my stomach i cnt explain it but it feels good lol !cnt wait 2 read nxt chp