Three Mates??? Being Edited

Three Mates??? Being Edited

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Alex Anne Wright By LonelyDauntless Completed

Jack has been through hell. Her best friend is dead and she left Jack as the god mother of her new born child. So, the nearby by pack took them in without having any knowledge of the duo. Joining a new pack was fine by Jack, that is until, the Alpha title is passed down to her and her first assignment is to help a neighboring pack with a rouge problem. There's ony one problem with that, there are three alphas of that pack and all three of them are her mates.

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hellkate hellkate Apr 05, 2015
I took like... 15 minutes to read this "chapter"... It looks interesting :) When are you planning to translate it in French? :)
Belladona_Elenore Belladona_Elenore Feb 02, 2015
OK im super excited too read this! this was uploaded a while ago but I just felt like I needed to say that! 
MOJlTO MOJlTO Oct 24, 2018
according to you, what am i doing, obviously hiding a body duh
MOJlTO MOJlTO Oct 24, 2018
omfg what's with these names, bro sapphire is not pretty, it's just cringe (well only in fanfics)
MOJlTO MOJlTO Oct 24, 2018
my dead ass thought about her holding a big pack of caramels in her arms
ju7848ma ju7848ma Nov 20, 2018
Are they all high or something. Giving their pack to a random stranger.