The Broken VRMMO Character (Discontinued)

The Broken VRMMO Character (Discontinued)

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 By Languisa Completed

"The controls are weird... Maybe if I move around a bit it would calibrate?"
That was the first thing Reitsu Yujitsu had thought. Not knowing what was to come in the near future, with him making a profit off this game. With his extremely broken VRMMO character, which he gets in the near future.

MMOs and RPGs in general, are all loved by Reitsu Yujitsu with no exaggeration. He spends everyday playing and leveling up. Yet still has time to go to school and hang out with his friends who are also very interested in games.

Then, VRMMOs were introduced on the 18th of August and they were the new trend in society for gamers.  Reitsu was very excited but all of the required equipment to play the game was sold out and he spent a week sulking in his room or in the corner of the classroom (he was forced to go to school), until he felt better.

But, his all interesting friend, Rea Zia, gave him a present on his birthday which was on the 31st of August. A present which changed his life and the way he lived.

Note: This story is set in the future and has no reference to real life names, I just thought it up and everything in this story is fake!