I Reincarnated in Otome Game as the Vilainess ?!

I Reincarnated in Otome Game as the Vilainess ?!

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nijisora By nijisora Updated Nov 11, 2018

you see ... i just a very very very plain looking girl and unwanted child ... 
so i try to do suicide so many times ... but it always failed ...
my body is weak from the time i born ... i just a burden in my family ... so i decided to do my last suicide attempt ... and voila!  i really dead ... 

but you know ... like in a light novel , i'm being reincarnated ... and like that kind of light novels 
" I'm being reincarnated in an  otome game ! Oh God! Are you really hate me ... I just want to die in peaceful and  disappear  in the darkness ! Really ... I hate youuuuu !!! "

[ Well ... yeah , this is just a cliche story like other light novels ~ but i will try to update routine ! So please support, vote and comment ^^]

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