BLUE STAR | Book #1 ✔

BLUE STAR | Book #1 ✔

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[BOOK #1] 
An epic fantasy adventure with a whiff of sci-fi, about a young girl who unexpectedly becomes the powerful hero her conflicted universe needs to save it from falling into total destruction. 
In a magical universe where mankind possesses elemental magic and various lands across multiple planets live in a cold war with each other, Halinor Snowflake feels like an outsider. While kids normally develop their powers around the age of ten, fourteen-year-old Halinor is still waiting for her magic. Her unusual situation makes her the target of bullying, and she's sure that she's doomed to live in failure her entire life.

Against all expectations, Halinor's life is suddenly turned upside down when she is invited to join a brand new magical academy for future secret agents. For the first time since the Great War of many centuries ago, young specialists from different elemental races are invited to join together to form a united front against the dark planet Ayao. Despite her lacking magical abilities, Halinor signs the contract and moves away from home to find out what exactly makes someone like her good enough to attend the prestigious school, and why exactly her magic isn't surfacing...

Rated PG13


#5 in Mystery [November 2, 2018]
#18 in Science Fiction [May 31, 2018]
#67 in Fantasy [May 5, 2018]
Featured on Wattpad's  Young Adult 'Stardust' reading list.
Featured on Wattpad's Fantasy 'High Fantasy' reading list.
Awards won:
Golden Awards, 3rd place in the category Adventure [2018]
Mystic Awards, 3rd place in the category Fantasy [2018]
Literally Lit Awards, 2nd place in the category Fantasy  [2018]
Flavored Awards, 2nd place in the category Science-Fiction [2018]
Fruit Awards, 1st place in the category Fantasy [2018]
The Ruby Awards, Winner. [2018]
Readers Choice Awards, Winner in the category Adventure [2018].

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