Not Alike. | Carl Grimes

Not Alike. | Carl Grimes

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es-meh By melancholylala Updated Mar 04, 2019

"Sometimes, you just have to let go."


"To survive."

Edith is the daughter of a ruthless leader, Negan. Although he expects her to be like him, she isn't. Carl Grimes is just another unlucky teenager living through the whole apocalypse. When enough is enough, what will happen?

I'm not really going to follow the storyline on season 7 (and or 8) I am going to include the kingdom and "garbage" people. Of course, the saviors. Also, Ron never died. Despite Carl still having his eye shot out. I am also aware that Carl does die in the 8th season, but, that will not happen in the storyline here. 

Also, the girl in the cover isn't the girl I originally put as the main character. Both Lynn Gunn and Rebecca Black have different platforms. But both are amazing in their own way. Just picture Rebecca having the style as Lynn does.

Lastly, the pictures/videos aren't mine. All credit goes to the rightful owners as far as images and videos go.