He's my Best Friend's Brother and I'm Pregnant.

He's my Best Friend's Brother and I'm Pregnant.

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Aubree's POV

My name is Aubree Skyler Fieldson.  I live with my mom, dad, and my siblings. Alfred is 11 and the pranker of the family. Landon is the oldest and my twin.  He's a total jock. Him and my father get along really well.  Then  there is my youngest brother Justin. he is the baby. He's  4 months old. 

  I'm 16 years old and I'm pregnant.   

"Aubree please get out of the bathroom. I really need to pee." Alfred said from the hallway.  

"I'm just finishing my make-up Alfred." I yelled out at him. Really I'm just trying to cover up the paleness on my face from puking all morning.

"But Aubree!!!" He yelled out. Landon stuck his head of his bedroom. 

"Alfred, go outside behind the barn. She has the bathroom for another 20 minutes."  Landon yelled down the hallway. 

"Thank you Landon. "  I yelled. 

I finished applying my make-up and curling my hair.  Hoping that the morning sickness would go away at some point. Lately it's been getting worse probably due to the stress that's e...

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HannahGrace2020 HannahGrace2020 Aug 10, 2016
Sorry I am just from that back ground with the family in the force
HannahGrace2020 HannahGrace2020 Aug 10, 2016
Not to be the party pooper but the uncle and father can go into the military together but they will be separated because they do not put family together. Because half of a family would be wiped out at one time
smutlovr13 smutlovr13 May 19, 2014
It's that Lindsey or whatever chick that Logan broke up with...I'm pretty sure though I may be wrong XD
BritniNikolReno BritniNikolReno Nov 27, 2012
It was all going good until the prince thing. Then You lost me. Sorry, I was really liking it until then.