Human Untouched (#Wattys2018)

Human Untouched (#Wattys2018)

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It's a broken world for the children in Section D.

Either hope to get out by volunteering for the State when you turn 18, or get taken away by the Peacekeepers for tests most people don't return alive from. And rarely in one piece.

Terra knows the rules. She's been playing by them her entire life. Her brother played by them his entire life, taken away only to return home three years later. Dead.

It's her turn. She has to go through the same pain, the same treatment as he did. She will keep playing by the rules just so she can survive, get out and get to her family. Or what's left of it.

But you can't always play by the rules. That's why to every cause, there's a Rebellion. And they're here to do just that.

But she's not alone through it.

Marcus is her only friend from Section D. He's been with her all along. But he wants more from Terra than she's willing to give. That she every possibly can. She has to keep him at bay. Because all that matters is her. All that matters is her life and her survival. And once out there, her family.

She'll do everything and anything. She'll kill without a second thought, she'll switch sides when needed, she'll team up with who she is forced to. It's all for them. It always will be.

But does she really belong anymore? She is a monster to a world filled with humans. She is an outcast, among outcasts. She is a mistake, amongst successful experiments.

Learning to trust was never her strong point. Learning to trust the most unlikeliest of allies a tough job.

But is that going to be her fatal mistake? One that will bring her spiralling down from where she rose. Fall to depths lower than she ever knew possible.

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