Vincent's Fairy

Vincent's Fairy

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rose By sweetchoclate9 Updated Apr 11, 2018

He has changed.

He is not that innocent orphan boy she met years before.

There is hunger in his coal black eyes.

A hunger for power.

A hunger for death.

He kills ruthlessly.

He became a monster.

Everything changed, except for the love he has for her, which now has almost turned into an obsession.

Vincent Christopher, when he was a kid was almost on the road begging. Maybe it was God's grace that he was picked up by the Mafia head on a rainy night as he saved the Mafia head, Mathew Jackson from dying. Mathew took him home with him, taught him all the sins, turning him into a cruel weapon. To Vincent, Mathew is his mentor, guardian and a father that he never has.

So, when Mathew is on the death bed and asked Vincent to marry his daughter, the beautiful and innocent Amelia Jackson, Vincent can't help but agree to it. Not because he likes her, in fact, he never saw her, but because he wanted to repay Mathew somehow. Although his heart always only belonged to one person, so loving Amelia was out of question.

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