The Divine Beauty-Apsara {Zayn Malik} AU (Under Editing) #MissionDesi

The Divine Beauty-Apsara {Zayn Malik} AU (Under Editing) #MissionDesi

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huesofzaypika By huesofzaypika Updated Oct 12, 2016

The year is 1741. The Mughal dynasty is at its zenith of power . King Zayn has it all, the looks, riches and above all... he is the King of Lahore.

He was a man who got what he yearned for; a man who is easily pleased and easily angered, he was unbreakable.

But there is one thing that'd waver his mind, which would make him vulnerable, in his race to expand his territory, to live up to the legacy of his dauntless ancestors...

And that is obsession towards women.

His desire and lust for women make him known as the Mughal era's Casanova. But it's not too soon before he falls head over heels for Apsara, a court dancer, who is also known as the divine beauty all over Lahore.

 But the fact is... she fears him.

Love. Lust. War. 
The Divine Beauty- Apsara.
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He stared at the blazing sun until his eyes hurt and strained due to its blinding light. He gave his eyes a shade by placing his palm on his forehead to restrict the light from falling on his perfect face. 

He turned and sat on the edge of his bed, holding the bed post for support. He couldn't hold it in. In the silence of the calm room, he loudly began crying. He sobbed as he could feel fresh, warm tears coming from his eyes. He didn't like to be vulnerable, he didn't want to feel this way. 

He was sick and tired of being alone. He had no companions, no true "friends". All the friends he actually had were wealthy aristocrats and Kings who had an eye on his immense wealth. Deep inside his heart, he knew that everyone despised and hated him.

*Warning: There may be a few chapters that may contain graphic scenes and violence which'll be meant for a mature audience, though it's rated PG-13. These chapters are now private at the moment.
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bookgirlingfantasies bookgirlingfantasies Jun 09, 2016
Unbelievable plot...
                              You've got a great mind and splendid writing skills.
cvtelarry cvtelarry Oct 29, 2016
I"m imagining Deepika dancing on Pinga or Nagada Sang Dhol 😂
zaynsflames zaynsflames Apr 17, 2016
'Zayn malik abdul shah' omf that actually goes and he still sounds handsome with that name
SapneWali SapneWali May 21, 2016
He got the ladies ;) jk, that's sexist. 
                              Just ignore my comment *sigh*
cvtelarry cvtelarry Oct 29, 2016
Am I the only one that imagined Zayn speaking in urdu and saying: Shayad mene aapko garav mehsus karvaya, Abu.
                              Slmscomsms omg
SapneWali SapneWali May 21, 2016
*awkwardly skips through this paragraph since I'm now jealous*